One day not too long ago I woke up and decided what I wanted to be when I grew up
A little late in life, I thought
But then again, I realized
It's never too late

My passion was food
My focus
My attention
My obsession
All had to do with food

I love the feel, the smell, the different textures and I loved being creative with it
Between food and me there were no boundaries
I could do whatever I wanted and the end result almost always made other people feel good too
I discovered that my passion could bring happiness and joy
If not the basic need of being filled up

I decided I wanted to be a chef

When I had worked all those years with my two sisters at 'Trois Soeurs Catering' in Toronto, Ontario, cooking for the beautiful people in their elegant homes, having a ton of fun and getting paid to do it, I never looked at it as a job. It was something I was more than willing to do. I was especially flattered when somebody asked, "can you do dinner for 12, cocktails for 90, what about Sunday brunch?" It allowed me to spend time with two of my favourite people doing what made me happiest - boy, life was good.

Then we all started having families and the young fresh faces of my children became my new obsession. I never stopped being passionate about food or doing the odd dinner party as a favour for a close friend or longtime client but my full time job became raising two tiny, trusting individuals.

As the children got older and so did my husband and I, new opportunities were knocking on my door, a four-star restaurant, a three-star up-scale restaurant, a French bistro, a catering company but I answered the big knock by leaving everything I had behind in Toronto; family, friends, stability, business contacts, moral support: we sold our house, quit our jobs, packed up the car with our kids, cat and fish and drove across the country, arriving in Fernie during the summer of 2003. It was memorable enough with forest fires and floods but it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

I get to put to use nearly twenty years of culinary experience and education, both academic and in the field, rolling it all together into one little entity and I named it
Fernie Fine Foods, catering and delivery.

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